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Desired type of men

I was looking at Maslow's hierarchy of needs.


The men we want to target40 years old or older, annual income of 4000 million or moreYou have to know where the other layer is, what they are worried about, and what they are looking for.


I don't know what the standard is, but I think it's a reasonable commoner who grew up with a normal education in a normal family.
I think he is a happy person even if he is neither poor nor wealthy. .surely. .


When you graduate from school, you first face money problems!
So, I experienced poverty, and I also experienced anxiety every day when I came to Tokyo and didn't know what to do.
I'm sure at that time I was able to secure the lowest level of physiological needs, but I think I deserved the position of safety needs.


When you have a little extra time, you will have a desire.
Social needs / Love and belonging
I wish I could start working properly, receive a salary, be a bit filial to my parents, and soon have a marriage partner.
The desire for recognition (respect) on top of that (Esteem) may grow when I want to aim higher.


The introduction has become longer.
If you want to say what you want to say, I think that annual income and personality have a considerable causal relationship.


I have not yet reached the last level of self-actualization.

There seems to be more.

self transcendence

What is it?Is there a better place than heaven?


According to Maslow, only about 2% of the population reaches this level.

The male layer we seek is probably2 percent or lessIt must be people of precious race.

There is no way I would normally meet someone like that.
And where are you?


If you can find it, please allow me to continue my Maslow research.


Enma Mamiya


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