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THE SALON ~Graduation of Itsuki~

Always I am indebted.
Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit 
I am Haneda, in charge of THE SALON.


Always I am indebted.

Baby Tappi and Itsuki
I graduated from this salon on April 4th. (tears)

The habit is
They call me "Nee-san".
To the extent that it feels strange to be called Mr. Haneda
"Neesan" was a happy word for me.

On the day of Itsuki's last day at work, Haneda was attacked by a mysterious headache and was thinking about Itsuki on the futon at home.

Itsuki and Haneda are 10 blocks apart, but they were in the same year as Universe Club.
Working hard, working together, and when I am transferred to SALON,
She looks lonely, and when I get to work with her, I am overjoyed.
When I first met him, I thought that Haneda was a poor drinker, but one day
The alcohol was getting stronger

Looking back on the months we worked together, I have many happy memories.

Two years went by in the blink of an eye.

This is what Itsuki said when I was transferred to SALON.
"It's my sister's departure. Please do your best."
It is a treasure that I received.
It was always in my breast pocket.



Difficult things, troubles with human relationships, various difficulties
I feel lonely now that the partner I've been through together is gone.

I will do my best at this salon.

I want Itsuki to do his best in his new beginning and aim for the top forever.

This is not the last goodbye
Let's do our best together.
And thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I thought that sometimes I need a meek feeling, so I wrote it.

Well, everyone in the salon, are you feeling any better?

I've finally recovered from the mysterious headache, so I'm going to do my best from today! !



Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit 
THE SALON Haneda Ayano


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