salon diary

The beginning is always small.

The other day, I visited a pre-construction store where a salon could be installed.
I felt that the scale was smaller than the blueprint, so I looked around one by one while imagining the completed image.
The inside of the store is extremely gorgeous, and I don't think anyone will notice that this is a salon until they enter, as it looks like a multi-tenant building with nothing in front of it.

A sudden call from my partner, Sakaguchi!

I promise not to make negative remarks until the salon opens!

I don't know what awakened in him, but his words gave me a little courage while I was tormented by a vague sense of uneasiness.

It seems to be progressing, but it seems that it is not progressing at all.Any pressure for results?
It's something we feel more or less. (feel it more)
We still have very little power, but I would like to love the simple things that pile up one step at a time rather than the results.

Enma Mamiya


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