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  • June 20, 2020
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various encounters

Thank you very much for your help. This is Asakura from CustomerSuccessGroup Tokyo Unit THE SALON.I'm Asakura, who has been cleaning my house to the fullest because of the stress and frustration that has accumulated due to the self-restraint of Corona.When I say these days, Cooking!cleaning!sake!I've run out of other things to enjoy...How are you all doing?I don't know if there is demand for this blog, but I thought I'd post some cooking recipes.Or a simple cleaning method around the water (lol) Yes, I'm completely self-satisfied (lol) There seems to be no demand, so I'll stop (lol)The SALONLet's talk about the current situation.the currentThe SALONThen, apart from the usual store settings,
Web settingDrive date using a luxury carI started something.

Web settingis also available at the Universe Club,
The SALONis also unusual.usuallynice person i can't meetThe
We will set it up via the web!In advance, of course, choose your favorite womanHearingLet me introduce you to someone who can meet your needs! "…But doesn’t web setting seem like a lot of trouble?That person who thinks!Please rest assured.We will prepare a dedicated media here just to log in. "But is it expensive?If you think that, of course, you are a salon registered woman who you can't usually meet, so you will be charged a usage fee.

but !

・・・And it's half-hearted, but I'll end it here (lol) Are you interested?For further details
The SALONPlease contact us.In addition, it is also possible to introduce at the store, so we are waiting for your contact. CustomerSuccessGroup Tokyo Unit THE SALON Kei Asakura


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