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Is it the influence of corona that does not become unsuccessful?

Always I am indebted.
Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit 
This is Ayano Haneda from THE SALON.


Well, it's the end of May.
I don't remember much from March, April, and May.
Nothing is happening that is stimulating to the brain.
Haneda, who is not good at repeating the same things, wants to have new things and events.
I am restless.
(I'm too calm to remember.)

Corona farewell, corona depression, various words fly.
(I know, I know!)


Recently, the number of people who visit our salon has been increasing little by little.
"I may have lost the opportunity to meet people due to Corona, and my eyes may have become dull."
They exchanged contact information while joking.
"After all, the women who introduce us at SALON are really amazing."
That's what I said.
"I'll go out for now."

Thank you!
I am grateful.

It was May when the going out rate of the salon went up like this.
We are looking forward to seeing the face of the salon members again in June.


Recently, I asked Mamiya, "Why don't you try Haneda-san's mama activity?"
(I felt like Mamiya wasn't all that bad... (* ´艸`) giggle
Haneda, I'm secretly thinking about making my debut as a mom.
What do you do when you talk to a young boy?
I will report here when I make my debut! !


Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit 
THE SALON, Ayano Haneda


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