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Haneda is angry ~ Too many cancellations ~

Always I am indebted.
Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit 
This is Ayano Haneda from THE SALON.

December has arrived.
It's a summer-like climate, isn't it?
As the corona calms down and the members' feet return little by little,
I wonder if it will be busy over the summer
It was a fleeting moment...
"Tokyo Alert Declaration"
"Second wave?"
Have you already?

From now on, I think that I will be dating Corona for a while.
I think everyone is the same as the corona that can't see the first one.
It may be a trend change of the times.
I'm getting used to working from home and telework.

Dating girls online?
I thought it was like that, and now I think it's become quite mainstream.
On the contrary, I also hear voices saying that it is very efficient.
Now that we can no longer live our ordinary days,
There are many things to think about.

Now the main subject.

Haneda, I've been on edge lately! ! !

"Too many female cancellations!!!!!"

I want to refrain now due to the influence of Corona.
I think this refusal is correct.

Recent Cancellation Feature
・On the day of the setting, I decided to return to my parents' house.
・Sudden nausea 3 hours before setting
- It is no longer possible to adjust the time several hours before the setting.

No reply to offer contact (Are you motivated?)

For the past two weeks, I have been plagued by cancellations on the day and cancellations after the decision.

picture? Salon Are all women like that?

that's wrong.
I think that there are many women who respond to offers very quickly and can keep their promises.
We will also explain it to you when you join us.

If you cancel once, you can't introduce the next time.
(It is blacklisted in SALON)
It may be difficult, but all salons are managed by women.

From the man, "On the second date, I didn't contact you at all. I didn't come."
I don't think that kind of report is everything, but with that in mind, I'm looking at the lady.

As long as we are a SALON concierge, we are looking at women with a discerning eye.

Of course, I'm human, so I'm suddenly unwell.
Sometimes, no matter how hard you prepare, it's not enough.
I understand that very well.

But so is self-management.

A male member asked me to adjust the time
I want you to think again with compassion.

Even if there is a sudden cancellation,
"Please don't mind~"
"It's okay ~"
"Because it happens often."
Thank you for your kindness.

(Mr. Haneda is too angry!)
Next time we will deliver a niconico story.

Thank you for your continued support in June.


Ayano Haneda


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