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  • June 19, 2018
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Will study!

Will study!

SALON says high-end, high-end, but hey!Sakaguchi! !
Do you know the level of luxury! ?

yes! !
don't know! !sorry! ! !

We have not reopened!I am studying 💦

First of all, I have to know in order to provide a service that has reached that level.

I think that the level may not have reached even after joining.
But at that time, I would like to receive frank opinions from men.

It's not like I'm spoiled.
We would like not only customers to use our services, but also to grow our staff and our shop through the salon, and to have a long-lasting relationship with men.

It's also my fault that I can't help but blurt out words like an idealist (laughs)

But men are romantic!Isn't there an ideal! ?

Masami Sakaguchi


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