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Always I am indebted.
Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit 
This is Ayano Haneda from THE SALON.

Last time Asakura shared the same blog as Haneda
I wrote it unintentionally and was in sync! !
As expected! !!

It's been very hot lately.
Summer has come all at once.
This is Haneda, who only wears makeup on half of her face because she only wears
The other day, when I was walking in the streets of Ginza wearing a mask,

"Isn't that Aya-chan?"

(But I don't understand well. It's true that Haneda has an alien face, so it's easy to understand.)

"I understand well~"

"It won't change at all~"

(If you think about it, this person has known me since I was 20)
We made small talk.

Even if the eyes don't change, the contents of the mask are...It's miserable lol.

Masks are convenient (*^^*)


Well, the other day was a tough story, so please take a look at the fun images today.
Do you know love bingo?



Have you played bingo?
I'm ashamed to say that Haneda is a single row bingo (laughs)
I wonder if I'll try to create a Papa Katsu Bingo next time... ?

Women are creatures who like these topics, psychological tests, games, and fortune telling.
so what?Please don't say anything.

While continuing to take measures against corona
We will continue to set up
We are waiting for the day when we can see everyone's faces.


Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit 
THE SALON, Ayano Haneda


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