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Always I am indebted.
Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit
This is Sana Kawakami from THE SALON.

Thank you for using THE SALON.

My name is Sana Kawakami, and I joined the company in April.

I would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce myself and say hello.

Born in the countryside and raised in the countryside, he is excited to move to Tokyo after a long and difficult university life.
Although I was excited to come to Tokyo, I gave up trying to understand the city of Tokyo early on because I had no sense of direction even if I didn't have a map.
Handy tools of civilization While appreciating my smartphone, I still hold it in my hand today.

I don't have any hobbies, but if I had to give one, it would be visiting cake shops.
I love cheesecake and chocolate cake.
One serving is often replaced by cake.
However, the basic withdrawal temperament.I am enjoying myself at a leisurely pace.
Next time, should I order a chocolate cake from a certain French restaurant in Ebisu?What a thought

I never expected to be assigned to THE SALON.
To be honest, I'm very nervous because it's a "luxury" dating club.
However, I am very honored to be able to help connect everyone with a wonderful relationship at this place where I received a relationship.

Recently, I'm in the process of training (I feel) that I've finally learned to distinguish between right and left.
Thank you for your guidance and encouragement.

Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit
Sana Kawakami


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