salon diary



nice to meet you all.
I joined the members of THE SALON.
My name is Moe Kiritani.
I am posting my first blog.
Thank you.

I jumped into this world without knowing the existence of ☆Dating Club☆.
I don't know anything, it's just amazing! ! !
These days, I really feel the flow of the times.

There was a time when cabaret clubs and clubs were popular
After that, lounge and drink. . .
And in the Reiwa era, "papa katsu" has come! ! !

Every day, many wonderful women come to interview.
If the number of members is also combined with the universe
Isn't it more than the number of people infected with corona 💦
I was really surprised.

As if I had become Taro Urashima?
It took me a while to catch up with reality (laughs)

The more I know, the more I am impressed with the fun of the dating club.
Impression and joy when matching is established.
Let's all share.
Come to SALON!

- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -
Concierge Moe Kiriya


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