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  • June 4, 2020
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Feel or Die

“If you put your hand on a hot stove, one minute will feel like an hour longer.
How is your time with a pretty girl?
Even if there is an hour, it will only feel like a minute.That's relativity

In the words of Einstein who had a conversation at a bookstore that suddenly stopped by
I found an opportunity to review my daily life.

It always becomes very indebted.

Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit 
I'm Itsuki in charge of THE SALON.

Is it youthful laziness?
The repeated days are terribly black and white, and every day I feel thirsty.

"At times like this, I want to immerse myself in work."
Even if you think so, you can't go to work on holidays, and there are restrictions on overtime.
White companies are not all good things.

The positive feeling you get from playing sports
It's quick on your feet, and if you notice it, you'll be taken back to your daily life.

Even if you drink until Chivas Regal tastes the same as Jim Beam,
The most intense feeling of "drinking" is the next morning when you wake up with a headache from a hangover.

Time passes quickly.

“As you get older, you feel the flow of time so quickly because you no longer feel new stimuli.”

The words of the book I read a long time ago have some meaning.

The older girlfriend next to me at the bar,
The playboy girlfriend who got drunk with a friend and called out
College students I met at a joint party

Everyone is so boring.
It's somewhat better when you're drinking coffee alone.

We met for some reason, went on dates and went out with each other….
I can see the future even if I don't do anything anymore, and I don't have enough stimulation.

Even if you have sex, you will not be satisfied if your heart is distant.

Such a life without any stimulation may be the same as being dead.

Life is Feel or Die.
Emotions, sorrows, sorrows, and live a life filled with various emotions,
Do you want to live like a dead person in a monochrome world without waves?

I feel like I always have the right to choose.

"The SALON, a place to meet a new you""



It would be interesting if the day came when a commercial like this would be aired on terrestrial TV! ! (smile)
There is, right?
It's a documentary-like thing with a little narration.

I love that kind of thing, but
It's a secret lounge, so maybe not... (laughs)

Men and women who want to overcome the current situation in various ways! ! ! ! !

Encounters at The SALON should add color to your daily life.

Our concierge will guide you,
Please feel free to jump in.

I am looking forward to meeting you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you for your continued support.

Jun Itsuki


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