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The Business Contents of a Dating Club: The Reality of Irekomi, Part 1

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Last time, I shared a story about my failure when I first joined the company, which taught me that people are not what they seem ⚠.

People are more than they seem ⚠ Part 1

People are more than they seem ⚠ Part 2


Everyone has had a time as a new employee, and all employees who joined Universe have gone through training to get to where they are today.
So, I look back on what I was doing during my training period when I joined the company.


In October 2013, we had an office in Ebisu at the time.
On the first day, I went through joining procedures and greeted each related group, and during that time I also visited a members-only bar that was run by the group.
Located on the 6th floor of the building, this is a relaxing restaurant where you take off your shoes and enter.It is used for member events, roundtable discussions, entertainment, interviews, year-end party after-parties, and employee lunches for welfare programs. Although it closed a year ago, it was a place with many fond memories of encounters and farewells.



At that time, we had branches in Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka, and I think there were about 10 staff members.
There were two other people who joined the company at the same time, but they disappeared within three months.


After the peaceful first day, OJT begins on the second day.
Having said that, I have almost no recollection of being taught the job.


Please take a look next to the interview 👀
I have an interview so let's meet at a bar in Kichijoji💨
I will set it up via email, so please keep an eye out for it✉
If you receive a call, I'll put it on speaker so please listen 👂
You will be given an interview/interview manual, so please memorize the outline so that you can speak it fluently🧠



Do you understand now? ?
Watch, listen and remember your work.
It was the era of


I remember following around behind CEO Kida and my female boss at the time, keeping an eye on them and taking notes.
Moreover, the first site I attended was not an interview or an interview.IrrecomiThis is the first time I've heard of this job.


—What is Irekomi?

Meeting a woman at a station etc. and dropping her off to a man.
It may seem easy at first glance, as you can see what women do before a date or the moment a man and woman meet, but saying things like "Thank you for your help" or "Thank you for the other day" to a man that suggests you are a regular is a no-no.
To avoid saying unnecessary words, say only the bare minimum, such as ``Good evening,'' ``This is Mr. I,'' ``This is Mr. U,'' and ``Excuse me.''
The staff must be diligent in making sure the meeting goes smoothly.


The destination I headed to with Representative Kida was Akasaka Mitsuke...




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