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The Business Contents of a Dating Club: The Reality of Irekomi, Part 2

Good evening, this is Matsuzaka😊 
Thank you for visiting my blog! 


Episode 1Click here for the guidelines. 


I meet the woman at Akasaka-Mitsuke Station and the three of us walk and chat to the Hotel New Otani. 
A woman joined Representative Kida and myself, making a total of three people, and I followed behind.
This situation reminded me of the well-known folk tale, Momotaro.

Women are given condoms instead of kibi dango.
It's not like they absolutely ask you to go all the way through! Of course, either the man or the woman can refuse, so it's more like a safe and talisman.


No, wait a minute!?
They don't go to slay demons, but they do head to the final boss, so it might be more like a dating club version of the role-playing game "Dragon Quest"!
And thoughts of trivial fairy tales, games, and virtual worlds run through my mind.

When I arrived at the hotel and waited in front of the restaurant where we were to meet, a small, white-haired man in his 70s appeared. 
I remember the waiter first showing the woman to her seat, and then after she greeted the man, he gave her his business card and began talking to her with a smile on his face.


 "It's okay, right?" 
This is a question from a man of some rank who is probably making money just from his name alone, but whose job it is unknown what kind of work he does.
 "No waiting, have fun. I'd like the bounty to be five." 
I couldn't say anything, and I didn't know how to react, so I just nodded with a polite smile, thinking that the demon was in a good mood today. 


After that, I met another man in his 30s in a room at the New Otani and collected 5 yen as a setup fee, but the man who made the offer was different from the man who actually used the service. What's going on?
At that time, I didn't fully understand how it worked.


In reality, I was told that there is a man in charge of introducing women to the final boss' entertainment, and that this man makes a request to Universe. 


After that, I met the man in charge of organizing the meeting about three more times, but even when he made an offer, he would say, "I want a different woman after all," or even when I suggested a woman, he wouldn't decide, leaving me hanging until the day itself, so when I discontinued the entertainment style, I also stopped doing business with the man in charge. 
I imagine that the man in charge probably had a hard time dealing with all the requests he received from the men.


Less than a week later, a second incident occurred. 




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