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I apologize to the women who come to the interview...

Thank you for always watching.
This is Kawakami from THE SALON.


The interview sheet I've been using for interviews for a while has been digitized.
(Actually, there was a momentum for digitization once last year, but it was abolished soon after a problem occurred.)


This is so inconvenient...


With paper and pen, I could take notes without looking at my hand,
Now scroll the screen, look for the input field, and enter the keyboard...
And glued to the screen of the iPad.
Occasionally, there will be a strange pause (time of silence) due to input...


I'm really sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable😭


Ask questions just to fill in the blanks,
If you listen to the items in order from the above, such a period will not be born,
That's too little information...
If you don't have enough information, even if you are hired, you won't be able to introduce it...!
You may end up putting it off.
(I want to know this and that, but I ask the person himself and while waiting for a reply, someone else can adjust it, etc.)


Isn't there a good format?and is in the process of brushing up,
Until the paper is in a good format & until the staff gets used to digitization,
I would appreciate it if you could be patient with those who come to the interview.


However, it is strange,
As a bodily sensation, the interview time is shortened overall.
I used to chat too much,
Maybe it's because I'm so desperate to fill in the items now that I don't spread the chat so much...
Or you don't want to bother typing,
You may be giving up listening to what you think, "I want to ask you a little bit"...


The fact that the restraint is short may be an advantage for those who come 🙂


I would like to ask for your cooperation here regarding good and bad.




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Sana Kawakami


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