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We become indebted to.
GW usually never goes home, but this time, due to the government's disgusting policy of doing even family ties online.Online homecomingThis is Mamiya, who tried to ride on the boom.'s so boring! !
After making LINE calls with local friends and being healed by cute children, it just makes me want to go home more and more, damn it! !And frustrating days...
I'm sure everyone is frustrated all the time, so I'd be happy if someone could understand how I feel.

If you have any good ways to relieve stress, please share.

Corona Corona Corona, Whether you sleep or wake up, the topic is Corona ♪

Well, THE SALON is currently closed, so we are operating with minimal staff attendance.
I don't want to listen to self-restraint and irresponsible words.All you really need is to ask yourself and act.

I think hospitals are dangerous.I think you should be careful about trains and buses.I'm sure many of you are already aware of this.

Abnormal! !I think so, but I'm still in good health, and more and more people are coming to register for Papa-katsu due to being unemployed or taking a leave of absence.I also hear that people I used to date have become depressed due to the coronavirus and can no longer see each other.I can only think that I have become a disgusting world.

Nowadays, I want to improve my immune system.
Isn't immunity = energy?Lack of exercise and sex will weaken your immune system, Mr.


Risk is minimized and unnecessary and non-urgent encounters are here.

The other day, I set up a setting with a person who wants to refrain from traveling by train and a beautiful woman whose work allowance has decreased.This time we will welcome you in a special luxury car.It's been a long time since I've been in the middle of a new attempt, and I've been anxious and fun.

S'il vous plait <(_ _)>

Excuse me, the series I wanted to try, it's from my form (laughs) I got gloves in a hurry at Donki!

When I was young, I admired Cinderella and fairy tale princesses, but when I grow up, I realize the reality that the day will never come when the prince will come riding on a white horse.
I gave up on my dream of being a princess, but I still believe that magic happens.The modern version is not a pumpkin carriage, but it feels a bit like a wizard.

I can no longer remember the bustling times here in Ginza, which has become a ghost town.

Now you have to be prepared!
From now on, new standard new normal will be born.
But what joy should we find in online-only encounters?Does that mean there is still room for improvement?

I can't help but have hope, so from now on I will run through Ishibashi without hitting it!

Respect working staff.
Give me peace of mind as I rest often.
Still, I will deliver love to you who go on a date!

Accepting this unfortunate world, I hope every day that the new day will be a wonderful one for our members.
Please continue to take care of yourself.


THE SALON Enma Mamiya


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