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  • June 26, 2023
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Would you like to be a bachelor with dad life?

Thank you for always using THE SALON.
My name is Utsumi from the marketing department.

By the way, are you familiar with the show "The Bachelor" that is distributed on Amazon Prime Video?


What is Bachelor?

“The Bachelor” is about one lucky single man (Bachelor) who gets a chance to find true love.
It's a dating reality show where 25 women compete to win his heart.

The reality show originally started in the United States in 2002 as "The Bachelor."
An innovative structure where one man and 1 women live together, romantic dates, extravagant parties,
Its popularity has exploded, stimulating the hearts of viewers with numerous dramas such as intense battles between women.


I like this program and watch it often.

And as I was watching the show as usual, I thought to myself.

Like The Bachelor, multiple beautiful women compete for themselves.

Is there any service that can give you such a dream-like experience?


there is…! ! !


Yes, if it's THE SALON...


How to experience Bachelor

At our high-class dad dating club THE SALON, we have something called a "special setting."

Usually, we have customers come to Ginza, where our store is located, and introduce women there.

If you use "Special Settings", you can freely choose from the following:

・Place of your choice (cottage or villa with a sea view, etc.)

・Number of women

・Concept (Bachelor-like format, no rules, relaxing, etc.)


Of course, we will listen to the characteristics of the woman you like, so
A development will occur in which the ideal woman will compete for you.


Finally, we will announce the price of the special setting.

First of all, THE SALON annual membership fee is 1,320,000 yen (tax included)

Number of women doing the setting x 110,000 yen (tax included)

There will also be charges for the cottages and villas used for the setting.
Please inquire in detail.

Furthermore, the number of men who can join is limited to 50,
This is a high-class social club that only those with an annual income of 4000 million yen or more or assets of 8000 million yen or more can join.



How was it?

There is no doubt that the hurdles are high.

However, only those selected who could meet the conditions,

It's a special experience.


THE SALON will deliver your ideal bachelor.


Membership application/consultation

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Contact us via LINE here

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