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  • June 1, 2021

[THE SALON] Enrollment and operation results in December

Enrollment in September
2 male members
19 female members

* As of October 2021, 9
Number of male members 31/36

There are 5 members remaining.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Our club has a limited number of members.
Please note that once we reach capacity, we will wait for the current members to renew.


☆Contract rate for the current month☆
Thank you for matching 54.
Closed → 32 cases
Contract rate → 59%


☆August concierge results☆


Ayano Haneda
9 members in charge
Closed → 8 cases


♦Shinji Hayama
10 members in charge 
Closed → 13 cases


♦ Sana Kawakami
5 members in charge
Closed → 3 cases


Hajime Hara
3 members in charge
Closed → 4 cases

Moe Kiritani
2 members in charge
Closed → 4 cases



Thank you for your continued support.



UNIT manager 
Haneda Ayano


Membership application/consultation

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