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  • June 29, 2022

News about rate revision

Thanks all of you take good care of me all the time.This is Kida, the representative of Universe Group.
We will inform all members of the revision of the usage fee.

The fees and consumption tax of Universe Club, Universe International, and THE SALON, which are produced by the Universe Group, will be unified.



Reason for revision

Universe Group (UNIVERSE CLUB, UNIVERSE INTERNATIONAL, THE SALON, etc.) has started with the current service fee since its opening in April 2012.
In 2019, when the consumption tax increased from 8% to 10%, we considered reviewing the service price, but due to various reasons, we decided not to.

Three years have passed since then, and we are finally able to provide new services to our members.

In addition, since the service price is written as 5 yen including tax, the handling of fractions of the main unit price has become complicated, and since a year ago, the price setting for affiliate rewards has been set at 1 yen (service price of 55,000 yen + consumption tax 5 yen), it has been changed to an easy-to-understand amount.
Of course, it is also possible to respond to the future invoice system.



Details of revision

Fee revision

From 2023:1 on January 10, 12


Annual fee
1,200,000 yen → 1,320,000 yen (tax included)


matching fee
100,000 yen → 110,000 yen (tax included)



Revised effective date

Matching, annual membership fee, and renewal after 2023/1/10 (Tue) will be applied.

Example) If the match is confirmed on 1/9 (Mon.) and the matching date is 1/13 (Fri.), the matching fee will be the new rate.
Example) If the matching that was confirmed by 1/9 (Monday) is postponed due to the circumstances of the woman, the matching fee will be the old rate.
*The matching fee varies depending on the female rank.Please contact the concierge for details.



About THE SALON in the future

The Universe Group has no plans to develop cheaper services in the future.
We believe that what members want is not to be several thousand yen cheaper, but to be offered a more dense and meaningful time even if it is expensive.
Of course, many of our members are very picky about whether the price is worth it, and we understand that if the price goes up, we will lose customers.
We will continue to make every effort to provide an experience that is worth the price so that we can introduce wonderful women from all over Japan and around the world.
We appreciate your understanding of this price change.



Membership application/consultation

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