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  • June 29, 2020

New Corona Infection Countermeasures Guidelines for Members

Eligible persons

Current male and female members who have not withdrawn

対 応

Even if you have symptoms that make you suspect that you are infected with the new coronavirus, we will suspend dating.
Please refrain from dating between individuals that our company has not set up.

If you have any symptoms such as fever, cough, general malaise, or if your body temperature is 37.5℃ or higher (even if you have no symptoms), please contact THE SALON with the following information.

  1. Information on the course of symptoms before onset: When and what symptoms did you have?Progress, etc., including when and to what extent the fever rose
  2. Information about family members living together: Symptoms of family members living together (including whether or not they are infected with the new coronavirus)
  3. Information on behavior up to 2 days before onset (attendance at work, meetings, etc.)
  4. Information on contact with a person infected with the new coronavirus: history of contact with an infected person, domestic and overseas travel history, etc.

Dating suspension period

The following period will be the dating ban period.

  1. When your physical condition is completely recovered without taking various drugs, including symptoms such as fever, cough, and general malaise.

    a: You can start dating from the 3rd day after you report your recovery.

    b: If you visit a medical institution, you can start dating from the day when your condition is cured or you can go out as usual.

  2. If you are diagnosed with the new coronavirus infection, dating is prohibited until you are cured.The same applies if the diagnosis is not confirmed and follow-up is instructed.

    a: If you were hospitalized, please ask your doctor for instructions when you leave the hospital.It is not necessary to ask a doctor for a certificate of healing.

    b: In the case of lodging facilities or self-quarantine, it is possible to date after ``at least 10 days have passed since the onset of symptoms'' and ``at least 3 days have passed since the disappearance of symptoms''.

  3. If you are identified as a person who has been in close contact with an infected person (*2), you will be prohibited from dating for 14 days (*1) from the date of your last close contact with the infected person.


If you take the above measures in accordance with the guidelines and return to work, THE SALON will not notify the date setting partner that infection measures have been taken.


If you intentionally do not follow the "Guidelines", we will recognize it as "an act that our company has determined is not suitable for a member" and will be forced to withdraw from the membership.


  • It does not guarantee all safety.
  • All disadvantages, whether foreseeable or not, cannot be guaranteed.
  • Compensation for damages addressed to THE SALON is not possible.

*1: According to the Q&A of the World Health Organization (WHO), the current incubation period is 1-12.5 days (mostly 6-14 days). A XNUMX-day health observation is recommended.

*2: “Close contact” refers to “patients (confirmed cases)” (including asymptomatic pathogen carriers) who came into contact during the infectious period (*3)
Persons who fall under the following scope:
・"A person who lived together with a patient (confirmed case) or had contact with the patient for a long time (including in a car, airplane, etc.)"
・"A person who examined, nursed, or cared for a patient (confirmed case) without appropriate infection protection"
・"A person who is likely to have come into direct contact with contaminants such as airway secretions or bodily fluids of a patient (confirmed case)"
・A person who has been in contact with a patient (confirmed case) for more than 1 minutes at a distance that can be touched by hand (15 meter as a guideline) without the necessary infection prevention measures (surrounding environment and contact status) The patient's infectivity is judged comprehensively based on individual circumstances, etc.).

*3 : The “infectable period” of a patient (confirmed case) is “symptoms suspected of new coronavirus infection including acute respiratory symptoms such as fever and cough/dyspnea (general malaise, sore throat, From 2 days before the onset of nasal discharge/congestion, headache, joint/muscle pain, diarrhea, nausea/vomiting, etc.) to the start of isolation (hospitalization, home, facility, etc.).


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