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SALON NAME MNMr(November 2023)

Your age
20 fee
Your profession
Membership history
3 years (joined in October 2019)
If you don't have a strong will, you won't succeed.
And time is wasted.
Dating requires more humanity, so it's better to gather your own thoughts before coming.Valid.

How to join

If you are a gentleman,
Don't go too far,
But people who are interested in this information properly.

Who was your interviewer?
This was three years ago and I don't remember. .I was really nervous and I don't remember
There was pressure that I didn't know if I would pass,
Since I was a beginner, I was wondering what it would be like. .
I think you probably talked about a lot of things,
I don't remember at all. .
What is your occupation?
I am an actress and a ballet teacher.The actress was originally active mainly on the stage,
Since becoming corona, I've been doing promotional videos and commercials for companies.
What kind of men do you think are gentlemanly? How about the men in the salon?
I think it would be more gentlemanly of you to take this into consideration and take the lead.
But even though everyone I meet has their own personality,
Everyone is gentlemanly, what else?Everyone is very concerned about this,
Don't go into it too much, but please be interested in this information,
I have the impression that that attitude is very gentlemanly!
How long have you been a father?
It's already my third year.
The trigger was the salon.
Because, when it comes to so-called dad activities, photos come out,
Due to my profession, it is a concern that various information will come out first.
After all, SALON does not have that, and a concierge will accompany you.
I started when I felt safe.

Join us

Inorganic but luxurious,
Every time I come, I am treated with care,
Rather tense

Please tell us how you found out about SALON.Also, please let me know how to join.
I think I joined around the time the coronavirus started, but all my work was gone,
I had a friend who was working as a papa at the Universe Club, and he introduced me to Scout-san.
At that time, we were talking about a universe, and although it wouldn't be dangerous if it was a system of universe because of my profession, I think it would be interesting, and a new salon called SALON would open.
Well, I don't know if I'll pass the interview, but if I go to the interview~?It's the trigger that I'm going to talk to you like that.
What kind of encounters and support were you looking for at SALON when you registered?
I wanted to continue my entertainment activities, but I lost my job due to Corona,
You had two choices: stay in Tokyo or return to your hometown.
In Tokyo, I would like you to somehow support me so that I can live my life to the minimum.
That's how I started.
If you want to chase your dreams, that's what it feels like (laughs)
What was your impression before joining?Please tell us your impression when you first visited the salon and opened the door.
After all, it was a very special image.Maybe that's how you introduced me
I heard that the judging is strict for both men and women.
I was trembling (laughs).
Wow, isn't a salon really inorganic?
If you open something like a movie, anime, or Disney, it's like a dreamland, isn't it?
Somehow, I feel that it is luxurious but calming,
It's really luxurious, and every time I come here, I feel like I'm being treated with such care.
But I always look forward to it!
She treats me like a princess, and I think I have to brace myself to match that (laughs).

About meeting at the salon

It may be painful.
Even if it fails
It's not that depressing.

What time is 20 minutes to talk with a man?
Really, everyone's view of life, the life you have walked so far,
There are people who talk about the time, and what they like now,
If you have a common hobby, you can get really excited about it, and so on.
I have a vocabulary, or rather, men, I have a lot of money to meet,
He has a wide outlook on life, and no matter what I say, he will match me,
If you listen to it, it will teach you a lot of things, and it will be a really fun time!
Is 20 minutes too short?Or is it long?
I think it's just right.A little unsatisfactory.
I just want to know a little more.
How was the date when you were formed?
Basically, after all, if you say it's fashionable, it will be very cheap (laughs)
It is an impression that you can invite me to a very smart date.
And since I like to drink, I would like you to take me to a place with a nice atmosphere where you can drink.
It basically fits here!What do you want to eat~?If you're full, they'll ask you what you want to do, and if you don't have anything, they'll give you suggestions.
Please tell us your frank impression when it was unsuccessful.
Perhaps because of my profession, I have received more than 100 auditions,
When I failed, it just means that I didn't have a connection, I didn't feel right
That's all there is to it, so the staff apologizes to the extent that they're really going down on the ground.
I'm sorry for this, or rather, I can't even reach it at all.
I think that even if there are women who will not be established in the future, it will be a depressed story.

About men

Because I am rich,
Economically as well
Those who have room in their hearts
I feel like there are many.

Where do you meet and have a date for the second time?
After all, we often meet in a hotel lobby and basically meet in a private room.
Well, it's a place where people can't see it, isn't it?
After the first time was established, it was quite a man.
I don't know if he's paying attention to me, but he tries not to restrain me for too long.
I have an impression, so at the time of the next second date, I have an image of slowly talking about our relationship with each other.
I hear from the members that the relationship ends quite a bit on the first day, but does Mr. M continue with everyone after the second time?
There is no one who finished on the first day ~.There have been times when it didn't work out, but once it's established, I'll definitely go back for the second time.
Basically, I will set the schedule first, and then can we meet at this time?If you send
It feels like you got an answer.After all, your partner is busy.I don't think it compares to how busy we are.
I don't think I'll know unless I throw it first, and I'm saying it first.I think it would be less of a burden on men.
Are you still in a relationship with the man you met at the salon?What kind of relationship do you have?
I'm following you alone.This is the person I met after entering this year.
I think it would be nice if there was a feeling.
Really well, of course, but they are wealthy people, so I feel that there are many people who have a lot of room in their hearts.
The relationship is really like a boyfriend.It's not just physical relationships, we talk about various things, do what we want to do together,
Most of them go out and try things.

Reasons for meeting and continuing at the salon

I really want to be myself.
to your charm
Just be confident and you'll be fine.

How was it when you actually joined SALON and started working?
After all, it is not an exaggeration to say that my life has changed.
I was able to see a lot of the world I didn't know, and I think the world is wide.Really.
What is the reason for continuing the salon?
I don't really want to talk about it, and if I really come here, the value of my existence will increase. I can really feel that you're taking care of me, and every time I don't get bored, everyone makes an effort to change the space, prepare drinks and sweets, and think about each and every one of them. It really conveys what I mean.
Also, the equipment in the waiting room always impresses me (laughs).Even a towel smells good (laughs).It feels good just to come here.
Please give a word to women who are wondering whether to go for an interview.
Well, really, I don't know, I think it's okay if you go with confidence in your own charm.All the staff are kind, so what are you worried about? (lol)
Were you nervous before the interview?
Well, it's true, if you suddenly say that you don't like it if it turns into a sexy atmosphere, or if you suddenly say something about the relationship between a man and a woman, I'm a little worried, can you do it?There was something like that, but I guess that's the characteristic of Mr. SALON.I have an image that there are many things like that, but that's not the case at all, and I have the impression that everyone has a different kind of mental capacity, so I wonder if it's okay to come here without worrying too much. That's what I think.
It's very frank, but (laughs) I think it would be nice if I could really be myself there.

About men

Money is not the only purpose
Some kind of dream,
There are only people with beautiful hearts who have good relationships with each other.

Do you have a message for men who are hesitant about joining?
At the last event, it was really irregular, but I was able to meet another female member, and once again I thought that there are only good people, and it's a really wonderful place. If there are only such beautiful women, then there are only beautiful women, and I think that there are only people who have beautiful looks but also beautiful hearts. I thought that there are only people who have such a dream, have a good relationship with each other, and have a beautiful heart.
If you were Mr. M, how would you give a push to a man who is hesitating to join?
I really thought, men are busy, aren't they?But I still want to meet a good woman,
However, there are already many beautiful young girls in Tokyo, and I think there is a risk in deciding what kind of girl is good among them.
I think everyone knows their names, so I think we can make the most of our most important time very effectively.
I think it's a place where you can meet high quality women in the shortest time.If you can step in once, what you hate
I don't think so.
Oh~~!I would like to say something to men who are considering joining.
It's the highest quality, the shortest (laughs).
Do you have any advice for women who are going to join and set up from now on?
I don't think it will work if it's just for money.So, if you don't have a firm will, things won't go well, and I think it's a waste of time.Also, since it's not a space like a room right away, I think it's more effective to come here because you're asking for more humanity, or because you've put together your own thoughts.After that, if you don't convey your intentions firmly, you only have 20 minutes, so convey what you want to convey firmly. I think you need strength.

Salon Message

The purpose of this interview is to ask the female members' frank opinions and experiences,
What kind of service is SALON for women and men who are hesitant about joining?
We have set up this interview because we would like to encourage you to become a member by telling us the true feelings of our members.

The reason why we, Nishino and Kiritani, chose Mr. M is because he has been a member for about three years and has a long experience.
In addition, he actively participates in SALON's individual events, etc., and has a lot of experience through SALON, so I interviewed Mr. M.

In an interview, Mr. M felt that his life changed through encounters and support at SALON.
He also said that by joining SALON, a new world opened up and that he was able to increase the value of his existence.

As a coordinator, I would like to thank Ms.
We were even moved.

The aim of the interview was as described at the beginning, but it was such an interview that somehow encouraged us and made us feel warm while listening to the story. .

I hope that through this interview, you will be able to learn a little more about the actual situation of SALON if you are considering becoming a member.


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