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1 years (joined in October 2022)
In my diary, I wrote, "The fact that I was chosen by the salon, and that someone I didn't usually meet chose me, means that I can have more confidence in my life, so let's do our best!"

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I didn't have the idea of ​​being a dad at all.
For the first time when I saw the letters on the page, I felt like "Oh, this is Papa Katsu!".

Who was your interviewer?What was the atmosphere like at the interview?
Mr. Kiritani was in charge of this.
I was able to relax more than I expected.Ms. Kiritani, who was in charge, was very friendly, and she let me talk as usual.
I was so excited... I didn't want to quit halfway through.
The reason is that I want to know various new worlds.I have a strong feeling that
That's why I felt that if I opened a new door and it didn't work out, it wouldn't matter.
How long have you been a dad? Please tell us how you found out about SALON.Also, please let me know the route to joining.
About a year.
I had no experience of working at night or doing these activities, so I was completely new to SALON.

I always thought that if I only had one life, I would like to look into various worlds.I found "THE SALON" by chance on the internet when I was beginning to feel strongly that I would like to interact with people I would not normally meet.
Speaking of encounters, there are matching apps, but I was worried about my work and the fact that there was no intermediary, so SALON seemed very attractive.

Ah, I didn't have any thoughts of being a dad anymore.
For the first time when I saw the words on the page, I felt like "Oh, this is Papa Katsu!"
I didn't have the feeling of "Let's live as a daddy" or "I want to find a daddy".
yes.If anything, I have a strong desire to earn my own income,
I was just starving to meet and be stimulated.

I don't know what... I'm indebted to you, but I'm not good at flattering men... I think myself,
Somehow flattering itself... My image of a woman is "a very strong woman".Because there is a place called
I wonder what it is like to be a dad in this way...

Join us

to fall
Evidence of proper selection,
It is written that the magnification is quite high,
I thought I would be fine here.

Please tell us your impression when you first visited the salon and opened the door.
What a gorgeous and sparkling space 😂
I've only seen places like this in dramas and movies!It's already a Pien pictogram here (laughs)
My honest impression was that it really exists.
What was your impression before joining?
Before I joined THE SALON, I didn't have any experience working at a night job, dating club, or working as a dad.So, I was just worried, scared, and wondering if everything was going to be okay.The profiles of the concierges and the quality of the homepage were the trigger for courage.
Also, when I saw it on Twitter, or when I saw it on the internet like ``THE SALON interview failed'',
I thought, "Oh, you're doing it right."I think I made the right choice to fall.
When I looked at the summary site, it was written that the magnification was quite high, so I thought it would be okay here.
Was it different from what you had imagined for the salon?
I had carefully read about "a world that I have never seen" on the website, so it must be amazing.
I thought, but the lighting and interior far exceeded my imagination...
This is certainly the impression that only a select few people are selected!
What time is 20 minutes to talk with a man?
While telling you what kind of person I am,
It's an important time to ask about your personality.
We had so much fun that sometimes we didn't even talk for 10 minutes! ?Some people felt that.

About meeting at the salon

My mother also said, "Because I'm making such wonderful thoughts,
Express your gratitude every time and do it properly."
It is said.

Who are the people who continue?
The longest person is probably someone who is relatively old,
Every time I wear a full body Valencia, it's very fashionable.
It's not obnoxious at all even if it's solidified with a high brand.A very stylish person.That's my impression.
Also, I often go on business trips, and when I told them that I was interested in overseas and wanted inspiration for work, I said, "If you don't mind, I'll send you as many photos as you want." Please send me various photos from overseas.
Do you keep in touch with the people you met at the salon?what kind of date do you have?
3 people are following.
Hmm... Probably the one that has been going on since October last year is the longest?I think.
We usually meet once or twice a month.
When I talk frankly, there are various people.
If there are people who say, "What time would you like to be at the XX hotel?"Just say "I'm hungry" and have them take me out to eat.Listen to your request in advance and make a reservation.
Other than that, we first meet at the dining area, eat dinner, dinner, and if it's "Is it okay after this?"
But after all, I feel that everyone is considerate and leads me in a gentlemanly manner.
yes, quite a bit.It's too much to take care of me!
I went on a date with someone yesterday, and when I said, "I'm tired from work lately, I want to go on a trip." , I will pay for the travel expenses, so please go!"
I frankly told my mother everything about this salon,
That's right.So her mother also said, "If ◯◯ is happy, that's the best. Let me make you feel that wonderful, and tell her how grateful you are every time, and do it properly."
Well, I'm saying that we meet only for meals (laughs)
Even if I don't know how far my mother has noticed (laughs)
So, does your mother know about the existence of SALON?
yes!It's already a very nice place.
Also, the other day, I had a BBQ with him, and he said, "Tomorrow, I'm going to a BBQ with the salon staff and the staff."We talk a lot about everything.
It's very worrying, but basically everything is accepted.I cherish my mother.

About men

Excitement with the best meals and more detailed stories,
You will have a really good time.

How was the date when you were formed?
The man asked me what I wanted to eat and took me out to dinner. We had a lot of fun talking and had a really good time.
What kind of dates do you usually have?
I've heard that people go shopping or travel, but like I said before, I tend to go for simple meals and hotels.
If you continue, is that kind of travel date also an ant?
I haven't met him anymore, but I met him once and he invited me to go to a hot spring for the second time. There was a time when I refused.
I would rather go there!If you have such an opportunity.
Hmm, it's kind of taboo to ask questions that are too in-depth about men's situations.I've never done anything like that before, so I've suddenly met with a souvenir or something, so I bought two jelly and said, "It's better not to have any left over, right? Let's eat together now." When I said that, he said, "Well, I'm alone, so I have two houses." Ah, that's right!like (laughs)
That's why I want to travel so much!Let's go!I don't say that.
If he wants to go, I'm sure he'll say so.

About meeting at the salon

So precious to me, to level myself up
It's a very important moment, so
This place is a very important place for me because I want to continue to shine as a woman.

I think that there will be times when it succeeds and times when it fails.
In the 20-minute talk, for example, when it comes to wine, the man prefers red, I prefer white, the sea is better than the mountains, and the outdoors are better than indoors. I've been there before, but there's nothing I can do about it.Thought.Let's continue to improve ourselves!I go
How was it when you actually joined SALON and started working?
First of all, thank you very much for hiring me.Thanks to you, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to meet wonderful people that I don't usually get to meet.I can spend my days more cheerfully than before, and I am very positive.
What is the reason for continuing the salon?
First, it's fun.
Also, I gradually became closer to the staff, and I was really attracted to everyone's personalities.
Somehow, I wonder if it's okay to have such good thoughts all the time.

After that, no matter how many times it will be successful or how many times it will be unsuccessful,
Each and every time is very precious to me, and it is a very important time to improve myself.
That's why this place is a very important place for me to want to continue to shine as a woman.
When I set it up for the first time, I was already very nervous.As I said earlier, it's too glittery, is there such a thing as a Cinderella story anymore?Like.
So, we actually talked about it, took it outside, got excited, and went to the second bar... or something like that.

When I was a little depressed, I wrote a diary, and at that time I often wrote,
She wrote, "But the fact that I was chosen by SALON and the fact that someone I don't usually meet chose me means that I can have more confidence in my life, so let's do our best!"
That's why SALON is a great source of food.It's still the same.
Please give a word to women who are wondering whether to go for an interview.
I think it's a chance to feel the world like you've never seen before.If you are interested.Be brave and open that door.I think it's a great opportunity to grow as a woman and as a person.

Salon Message

In interviewing female members this time, we were looking for a woman who was willing to accept the selection of women and could answer seriously.
I decided to choose this lady who has a high reputation among the staff.
When I sent him an interview offer, he happily accepted.

On the day of the interview, I went to the beauty salon just before the interview, and all the staff brought me a gift.
She is a woman who can be considerate and considerate and understand the goodness of her upbringing.

I think there were some questions that I honestly didn't want to answer.
Among them, I answered each one politely without a bad look.

Originally, it was scheduled to be an hour including a photo shoot, but the conversation got so lively that an hour passed just by the interview.
We don't usually have the opportunity to dig deep and ask questions, so it was a very valuable time for us.

Thank you very much for your kind words of gratitude to the staff.
I was fascinated not only by her looks but also by her wonderful personality.
I also learned a lot through the interview, and I would like to devote myself to being able to offer good matches to all the staff.
Thank you very much for your precious time.


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