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SALON NAMEGHMr(November 2021)

Your age
40 fee
Your profession
Company management
Membership history
2 years (joined in October 2019)
The continuation rate with women is UP by entering “human hands”! "Since the concierge will follow up, dating will be smooth."

How to join

Concierge service is available
I wanted to work in a solid place.

How long have you been a father?
If you add everything up, it's four years.
What kind of women do you prefer?
I used to say I had a raccoon face, but lately I've been thinking that maybe I like saggy eyes.I like children with mild eyes.
Please tell us how you found out about SALON and how you joined.
About THE SALON, Universe Club(*)I found out through
The concierge service was in place, and I wanted to work in a place with solid service, so I was introduced to the staff.
I didn't want to make daddy friends, so I was attracted to the closed service.

*This salon is produced by "Universe Club", one of the largest dating clubs in Japan.

I think you had an interview first, but what was your first impression of THE SALON?
Listening to the actual story in detail... I feel like I was just asking questions after that.
"How does it feel to not be able to choose for yourself?"(*)I remember hearing that.

*In our salon, men do not contact men from a list of women's photos, but based on detailed hearings, the concierge introduces the perfect women.

Join us

The continuation rate with women is high.
As with anything, when “human hands” enter, things go smoothly.

After you actually joined, how was the response and impression of the salon?
The continuation rate is higher than the dating club I used before.
I wonder if it's because there's a "human hand" in it once.
I've been very close with the person who introduced me first, and it's been two years since I've been with the longest person.The girl who was in her 2s when we met is now in her 20s.
I'm sure there are many dating clubs out there.
As with anything, when “human hands” enter, things go smoothly.If it doesn't go smoothly, there's no point in paying.
A concierge comes in and follows up on various things, so I'm grateful that I can proceed smoothly in dating.
What kind of advice do concierges often ask you?
If you get along with a good girl, you may say, "Listen to me~", and vice versa...Yeah, mostly "Listen!"Very nice relationship! !
What is the reason for continuing SALON?
I think I can do activities by myself, but it's boring, and I think it's more efficient and fun than just me.
It's the same as when the president gets an assistant.This kind of activity will be smoother, isn't it?

About meeting at the salon

People who hit from outside my strategy are really fun (laughs)
Enjoying a different life!

How about setting up at the store (20 minutes talk time)?Please give us your frank impressions.
I think everyone has a different way of enjoying it, but I spend my time talking while remembering the games I played in elementary school (laughs).
Whether the other woman is in the frame or out of the frame... that's how I enjoy it.It's fun to get to know what kind of child she is.
Is 20 minutes too short?Or is it long?
At this age, you can't predict what will happen after just one or two words, can you?That's why the first impression is the way you speak, so the time after that is confirmation time.I don't think I'll turn over from there too much.
But once in a while, someone who hits from the outside of my strategy will collapse (I), so it's really fun!I think (laughs)
What is your usual date style?
I tend to match it with the other person, but I change it depending on the type of the other woman!
People who prefer to commit to me will hang out with their friends, and those who prefer being alone will do so.Only invite children who want to go on a trip.
Were you able to experience the concept of SALON, "youth from the 40s"?
yes.I really enjoy living a different life!

About women

Dating club, what should each other do
A place to think about whether you can be happy.

What is the difference between a child who is addicted and a child who is not addicted?
A child who is addicted will connect synapses on this side.Words, gestures...
I wondered if it would be fun to do something like this with this child, or if I would be happy if I bought something like this.The synapses on this side, the imagination... whatever it is, it just fills me up.

Strange story, if it's just a room relationship, it won't last.There may be some men who like that kind of thing, but I think dating clubs are different.
It's a step up in gear, but I guess you could say "a child who can become a staccato in life". I think that girls who can enjoy "Ahahaha~!" together are suitable for dating clubs.
What kind of woman is the woman who continues?What kind of relationship do you have?
The two women I'm continuing now meet once a week and go on trips.
They don't feel like daddy activities or mistresses, but rather more than friends, they continue to have a relationship like a boyfriend who gives them pocket money.
But it's not strange, isn't it normal?
Even in the sense that you are dating in general, if your girlfriend is in trouble, you can give her living expenses, or you can pay her after you eat.
It feels like you are in a very normal relationship.
Finally, do you have a message for women?
Isn't it better to stop coming somehow?I think.
Those who are here have money.That's why it will definitely come after that, so first of all, you have to enjoy it!I think.
there from the beginning(※money)The child who comes to pick up will never last.This side is also used to it, so it will end with "I came".I think you should come with clear thoughts and ideas.

After that, I think you should listen carefully to what the other person has to say.
I think it is also necessary to have such skills as picking up words in conversations and expanding the story.

I think that the dating club is a place where we think about how we can make each other happy.I want you to increase your own value more and more without misunderstanding yourself!

Salon Message

I was impressed by the story that it is normal to help her when she is in trouble and to treat her to food.
I really think so.It's quite normal, isn't it?
(Of course, I think that the fact that H.G.

For that reason, it is very important for women to have a positive attitude of “Let’s have fun together”.
In order to nurture good relationships without dreaming too much, we also need to be more thorough in our interviews than ever before and convey our knowledge as a selected dating club.

When asked what they want from THE SALON,
"Let's add staccato to life!"
Mr. HG, who answered cheerfully.
When I asked you what changed in yourself after joining,
"You got a staccato!"
He answered me with a smile.

H. is a good storyteller and knows how to enjoy life. Mr. G.
We would be honored if THE SALON could become a more colorful accent for your life.

It was good to hear a deep story today.We were also able to study.
Thank you all!


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