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SALON NAMEYYMr(November 2021)

Your age
50 fee
Your profession
Company management
Membership history
2 years and 4 months (joined in July 2019)
Use time with women as a source of personal growth. “I think that activities are a self-investment that compensates for my lack of experience.”

Process and process leading up to enrollment

to make up for my lack of experience.
i think i'm investing

Who is the person in charge at SALON?
Mr. Haneda.
Joined in July 2019. Two years and four months ago.
Before the corona virus started.It's summer before it starts.
Please tell us how you found out about SALON.
I found it in an internet search.
I was looking for a "safe and secure" place.
Among various (similar services), I felt that this place seemed to be safe.
After you actually had an interview, did that impression change?
I agree!I felt very safe.
I decided to join because my first impression was that it seemed safe.
Before you came to our salon, Mr. YY, you had no experience of being a dad, right?How was it?What was your impression of being a dad?
Yes, I never did.
I think the first year was a year of trial and error with mechanisms and rules.
Among them, were there any impressive women or people who surprised you?
be surprised?Impressive?That's a tough question.No one is that weird.
I wonder if there's anything that surprises me, because it's the first time (a woman) interviewed me properly.
Now that you have actually joined, did you find the SALON a fun and stimulating place?
I agree.I was really nervous at first (laughs), but as I got used to it, I thought it wasn't good either...

The first year was a lot of trial and error, and I was looking for a specific person to work with for a long time.But in the end, no matter how many people I meet, I still don't know what I like...

So this year, I changed my stance to meet as many people as possible!I didn't want people to think I was a regular customer, but unlike the first year, I made a conscious effort to come every month.
When I first joined the club, I asked, "What kind of person do you prefer?"I remember it very well.
yes.She has many different types of women, so I thought I had to meet a lot of different people to make up for my experience with women.
I thought, "Let's make opportunities to eat and talk with various people! It will be better later because it will increase my experience."
Actually, you can't go on dates every day, and you don't have time, do you?
I thought it would be nice to be able to meet while making good use of it... so this year I decided to come several times.
You still haven't found a child who says, "This is the child."This is already my (Haneda) hard work!
No (laughs) I don't think I'll ever find it.
Rather, I feel that the elimination method is good, saying "this pattern is useless", so I'm looking for that.

For example, I thought that the pattern of bad drinking habits is no good.If you get drunk and cause trouble even once, you won't want to meet.
On the other hand, isn't there a child who doesn't care?A child who doesn't take a salad even if it comes out...But that's okay (laughs).

In that way, I know various patterns such as "I can forgive this, but I can't forgive this".By accumulating this, I think that "a person who has few unforgivable things" is the right person.Zero is difficult, but fewer people are better.
I don't know if I'm only meeting the same person.That's why I think it's better to meet a lot of people.
I see!So you're looking for a line while meeting a lot of women.
Yes, so to speak, it is a category of "self-investment".
And at the moment when it becomes "self-investment", even if the money is a little expensive, you will not feel wasted.

When you think you're paying a woman, you start asking for a return, don't you?Then it becomes expensive and cheap.
Instead, I think I'm investing to make up for my lack of experience.
With a positive attitude, you can openly date multiple women.

Join us

Photos only show the outside, but here you can see the profession and the inside
The concierge is screening

I think this salon was the entrance, so please tell us your impressions when comparing the affiliated Universe Club and the salon.
For example, I think it's good that this salon has a concierge, and on the other hand, the universe club is good because you can see the photos.
I can't tell from just looking at the pictures.
Photographs can be manipulated, and I think it's rare that something looks exactly like the photograph.
Would it be better if we talk here for 20 minutes and get to know each other's feelings?
I agree.If you're looking for efficiency, you might not want to take photos, but if you're looking for something that isn't efficient, I think this is the way to go.
If it's a picture, it's just the appearance, but it's important to have a woman who is okay with a certain amount of interviews here, such as the profession and the inside.

It's hard to say no if you choose someone based on a photo and make an offer, but here, even if you don't want to meet, it's easy to say no.
So, in that sense, does that mean you can leave it to us?
yes.The concierge is screening me, so it won't be that bad.
Also, I like this room.
Is (the matching room) comfortable?
It's really nice to stay in this room and have a drink after the match is established.
Relaxing.Is it because I became a regular and got used to it? (smile)
Is 20 minutes talk time too short?is it long?
The case that feels long is the case where the conversation is not exciting.Conversely, when it's exciting, it goes by in a blink of an eye, so I think it's a good time setting.
If the story doesn't continue there, I feel like there won't be anything after this, and I think it's a good time when it's not 30 minutes.
The concept of SALON is "youth from the 40's", but can you taste it?
Well, that's right (smiling).Enjoying it!
So, do you like salons?
I like it♪

relationships with women

Some people are fine with silence, some people are comfortable.
That's what I've come to understand recently.

What is your usual date style?
Usually, the first time we talk slowly in the salon, and the second time we have a meal.
If it's a meal from the first time, I have to cancel the reservation if it doesn't fit, so I thought I'd like to talk at the salon for the first time. It is a style to eat for the second time.
Is there a difference between a child who is addicted and a child who is not?For example, I like this kind of child, or I want you to be careful here.
Hmmm, I still don't know myself.
It's hard to express.I've been talking to a lot of women, so it's accumulated, but I still can't express it in one word.
I wonder if this kind of type doesn't suit me, but lately I've come to understand...?
… No, I really don’t know (laughs)
Is it a feeling after all?Even if you say you like this kind of girl, it's actually different.
That's right.Also, when I'm here, everyone is a little nervous, and the tension is high.
I am too, but there is a difference between when the tension is high and when you run out of things to talk about after eating a few times.
Conversely, there are people who are fine with silence, and people who are comfortable with it.That's what I've come to understand recently.
How many women are there now?
I come here 2-3 times a month...My last child was unreasonably late in contacting me, so I wondered if she didn't want to see me that much.
The child from the last time is scheduled to meet again tomorrow, so we can talk about it!
Also, there's another girl who's quite old... and actually, there's a girl I've been dating since the beginning of Corona, and she's the oldest, so those three.
Do you have any requests for the salon?
… (worried for a while).
For example...Is it interesting because I don't know?Isn't there a level for women's dad activities?Because it is difficult to find out what kind of dad life you are looking for.
By type, it would be nice if there were people who wanted to earn money just by eating, or people who wanted to be in a long-term relationship with just one person.
Is it like a "relationship type" in Universe Club?
But I guess that's different because it's too close to adult dating.
I don't know what it is, do women want a lot of dads with thin relationships, is it good for one-off or long-term, do they want a fixed monthly allowance, do they want it when they meet... If you understand that kind of feeling, a little I think it will be helpful.
It's fun to find out, though.
Is it difficult to get it out?
I thought that if I heard it wrong, I might hurt my pride.
I see!From now on, I will tell you as much as I can!You gave me good advice.By the way, what kind of woman do you prefer, Mr. YY?Want a long term relationship?
Not necessarily.I don't want it to be familiar.
I think it's more rewarding to support someone who has a main job but doesn't have enough money than someone who doesn't have a main job and lives as a dad.

Presence of salon

That was the first time I felt the meaning of the annual membership fee.
As a "self-investment", the money you spend for yourself is not expensive.

The next question is "What kind of consultation do you often ask the concierge?"There are times when I ask, "How are you doing these days?" .
I don't have any particular troubles, and I don't have much to talk about...
Ah, if you can express my tastes in words, I'd like you to tell me.
I want you to give me advice, like a fortune teller, saying, "This is the kind of person that suits you."
I understand!I think it can be done, so I'll think about it. (Like a fortune teller) I will tell you that this kind of woman is suitable for YY-sama, and this kind of person is not suitable for you (laughs).
You can get a lot of hints by talking with members, so please feel free to talk about anything.
really?Writing is difficult.It's harder than talking (laughs).Please share (laughs).
What did you want to solve or satisfy at SALON when you joined?
I wonder if it's loneliness.
Now, is the loneliness a little lessened?Are you warm?
I agree.We can go on dates once or twice a week.You've been alone all this time.
What is the reason why you continue to be a high-class salon with a membership fee system?
Annual fee, that was expensive.I might have stopped if I didn't think it was self-investment.
If you simply think "Let's find a good person by being introduced", if you meet a good person in the first two people, you won't use it after that and the annual fee will be taken. So I don't think it's worth it.

If anything, rather than saying, "I'm looking for a specific person," I thought, "I'm going to meet a lot of people."That was the first time I felt the meaning of the annual membership fee.

Considering that, 100 million yen is not expensive.
As a "self-investment", it's money you use for yourself.
I think one of the things that has changed in YY-sama since joining YY-sama is that he no longer feels lonely, but is there anything else?
You're used to talking to young women.I don't know... I think I've gotten better at talking to my daughter, and when her daughter comes home and talks to me, aren't they all about the same age as my daughter?
I think I've grown, including the variation of the topic, and the way I speak.

Salon Message

When I first met you, YY-sama said, "You're in your 30s, so you should calm down."
One day, he made a bold change of direction, saying, "I want to meet the beautiful women of SALON 1. I want to meet various people."
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to ask you again about the background and feelings.
It was a very precious time for us.

The word "self-investment" that was repeated several times was very impressive.
While actively meeting with our salon's selected women,
Know your taste, know the line of acceptable / unforgivable,
By gaining experience in talking and responding, you will also be polished.

I think it's a very attractive and wonderful way to use a salon.

And knowing your favorite type and taste is really profound.
As a concierge, I am keenly aware of this.

Regarding Mr. YY, there is a common point in the lineage and preferences of women who have been refused so far,
There is a chart in my mind that says, "I'm not good at this type of face."
Understanding YY-sama's "likes" and "dislikes" more broadly and deeply,
So that we can make proposals that will make you more happy,
I would like to do my best! !

Thank you very much for your time today.


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