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How to successfully sign a mistress contract with a beautiful woman at a high-class dating club

Thank you for always using THE SALON.My name is Utsumi from the marketing department.All of a sudden, everyone! Don't you want a "mistress"?What is a mistress? A mistress means a loved one or someone with whom you have a sexual relationship.It often refers to the opposite sex with whom you have a special relationship, especially in an affair. In ancient times, the word mistress was used to refer to a lover or spouse...

  • Posted by: THE SALON
  • June 30, 2023


Popular men, come here to SALON

This is Haneda from THE SALON, who is always indebted to us. August is suddenly getting hotter and hotter.I finally made it to the pool.There were people on the right and on the left.I'm going to cool down, but I got drunk with people.From among them, please give me your favorite three types.Imposing NO.8! ! ! !A person with a sense of cleanliness (Haneda has a sense of cleanliness, is kind, and respectful...

  • Posted by: Ayano Haneda
  • June 7, 2019


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