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THE SALON Great War Itsuki VS Shimabara

Thank you very much for always watching. I am Shimabara, in charge of East Customer Loyalty Group THE SALON.I was very depressed the other day.There was a setting, so it was when I was alone at the salon.Shimabara was shocked when something unexpected happened.Because of that incident, Shimabara's face looks terrible. . . (Laughter) And then...

  • Posted by: THE SALON
  • June 30, 2019


I got a hot friend! !

thank you always.Obon is over, and I'm Haneda in the midst of Obon. In the air, I felt happy in a casual time and came back with power. There are 4 days left in August.It's scary, the flow of time...And a new friend from today...

  • Posted by: Ayano Haneda
  • June 21, 2019


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