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"THE SALON"is based in Ginza
It is a complete membership-based Papa Salon.
A special encounter that can only be found here
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  1. High quality

    "The Salon"is a complete membership salon with the strictest entrance examination in Japan for both men and women.
    At a secret social gathering place where only high-ranking men and women who have cleared strict standards are enrolled, we offer high-quality encounters that you can never taste anywhere else.

  2. Concierge

    The best encounter led by a dedicated concierge

    Meetings at our salon will always be introduced through a dedicated concierge.A first-class concierge will provide detailed proposals and high-quality support for each member.
    By providing the "ultimate personal service" that meets your needs, we embody a highly accurate introduction service that you can never experience anywhere else.


    The finest encounters in a luxurious space

    The important first contact time will be set at the actual salon store in Ginza.
    The luxurious space is based on the image of a 19th-century French social gathering place, and it is truly a secret salon for members only, with no public address or conspicuous signage.
    Please spend a quality relaxing time with peace of mind.

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We will introduce you to your ideal partner through special matching carefully selected by our dedicated concierge.Considering your ideal lifestyle and the other person's values, we will introduce you to build a relationship where you can spend a meaningful time.The special matching also thoroughly protects privacy and supports extraordinary encounters.


We are introducing the first-hand impressions of male and female members who went on dates after matching was established.

Female member

Male member



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