Youth from 40
There is a reason for the best encounters

"THE SALON" is chosen
for Mens

  1. Reasons
    The height of the female level selected by the salon standard

    Even if there are beautiful women, the number of true good women is limited.
    At THE SALON, we believe that a woman who radiates charm suitable for a first-class man is not only a woman who is beautiful, but also a woman who possesses beauty, intelligence, and dignity, all of which are of high standards.

    During the interview, we carefully assess with a professional eye whether or not the woman is attractive enough to be introduced to a first-class man, including the beauty of behavior, sense, manners, and consideration.
    Such a beautiful woman who has overcome the difficulty of 10% adoption rate has exceeded 300 people.Please try to taste the high level of women, selected according to the salon's own strict standards.

  2. Reasons
    Bringing rough diamonds from all over Japan to Ginza

    This salon is produced by "Universe Club", one of the largest dating clubs in Japan, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.
    With our unique network that makes full use of our club's extensive experience and knowledge, we are discovering beautiful women selected from all over Japan every day, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south.

    In addition, we have refined the form of meeting and services that men and women have cultivated so far to the ultimate, and output it in the highest quality form.

  3. Reasons
    bespoke matching

    Our salon has a full-time concierge who has a wealth of experience and knowledge, and has honed his service and customer service skills to a higher level.We will take care of each and every one of our members.

    We carefully listen to the requests of male members in advance and arrange the best matching according to their requests.We have achieved a high level of referral accuracy that is unparalleled.
    Of course, we also support a wide variety of needs in the corona disaster, such as remote setting.In order to provide you with a destined encounter with the perfect woman, we will work with you wholeheartedly.Please feel free to contact us.

  4. Reasons
    Decisions can be made after meeting and talking

    In the first interview with a woman, we do not charge any setting fee. .
    Under the concierge support, you can enjoy a talk for about 20 minutes in a private room in the salon in Ginza, and if you feel like it, you can go out for the first time.

    Before deciding to go out, you can talk face-to-face and carefully examine it, so you don't waste the precious time, effort, and money of first-class men.
    It has been very well received by those who value first impressions and those who are busy every day.

    (* A matching fee will be charged for those who go out on a date.)

  5. Reasons
    Being an attractive salon for women

    A completely secret limited membership system.Our salon, which always employs a referral system through a concierge and has only sophisticated first-class men, is a high-quality meeting place where women can work with peace of mind.

    In order to reduce the risk of being found out, we have hired many high-level beauties such as people involved in the entertainment industry and those working for first-class companies who were afraid of the risk and could not go out to meet them. increase.

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    We will introduce you to your ideal partner through special matching carefully selected by our dedicated concierge.Considering your ideal lifestyle and the other person's values, we will introduce you to build a relationship where you can spend a meaningful time.The special matching also thoroughly protects privacy and supports extraordinary encounters.


    Member's voice

    Male member


    From the questionnaire after matching was established,Introducing men's impressions


    1. 1 interview

      Upon enrollment, we will conduct an interview with a salon concierge in the Shimbashi, Ginza, and Hibiya areas.

      After joining, you will be able to enter the Ginza Salon store.

      Dating flow for men 01
    2. 2 Suggestions

      Based on the content of the interview, the concierge will regularly suggest women who are close to your needs.

      Please tell us what kind of woman you are looking for.

      Dating flow for men 02
    3. 3 Reservation

      When setting up, please make a reservation for the salon visit date after adjusting the schedule for male and female members.

      I will do my best to accommodate busy people.

      Dating flow for men 03
    4. 4 matching

      Meeting with a woman in the store. After talking for about 20 minutes, please decide whether to go out together.

      You can decide after meeting and checking the feeling.

      Dating flow for men 04
    5. 5 Dating

      Go out for a meal, invite to a familiar bar, and enjoy a date unique to the two of you.

      Please feel free to contact us for advice on nearby shops.

      Dating flow for men 05


    About annual membership fee
    Annual membership fee starts from 1,320,000 yen. There is no joining fee.
    Matching fee
    ●If matching is established
    Prices start from 110,000 yen. It depends on the rank of the woman.
    ●If matching is not established
    Prices start from 55,000 yen.
    About use
    For introductions, please come to the SALON store (Ginza).
    After talking for about 20 minutes in a private room in the store, please decide whether you would like to go out with the introduced woman.
    *When you go out, there are no arrangements regarding the contents of the date or the relationship after that.
    *In order to improve service, there is a limit to the number of male members.


    Admission is subject to screening

    [ Full membership only50given name ]

    You must be over 40 years old and meet one of the following conditions.
    • Annual income of 40,000,000 yen or more (income proof required)
    • Proof of assets of 80,000,000 yen or more (real estate, securities, account proof, etc.)
    • Those who have an American Express Centurion card (credit card) (Corporate and family cards are invalid)
    A gentleman who understands the service contents and the correspondence of the staff, as well as women
    There is an examination that includes personality, looks, etc.
    Enrollment on the same day is not possible.
    We will refrain from official identification with a face photo.


    Membership application/consultation

    Feel free to contact us even if you just have a question

    Contact us via LINE here

    LINE for both men and women

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    Apply/inquire via LINE

    Contact us by email here

    *Is a required item