A Cinderella story spun in Ginza
An encounter that can only be found here awaits

"THE SALON" is chosen
for Ladies

  1. Reasons
    A luxurious encounter with a "super" high-spec man

    Only high-level male members who have cleared strict income and asset standards and have passed a screening process that includes personality and looks are enrolled.
    Male members are limited to 50 people, and by conducting thorough interviews, we are able to achieve highly accurate matching.
    There will surely be a higher-grade encounter that you seek.

  2. Reasons
    Secret salon that does not require photos

    This salon does not require photos.There is no need to worry about your body or face being exposed or your photos being left on the Internet.
    The contract rate and satisfaction are higher than the format where men choose from their face photos, and it has been well received by both male and female members.

  3. Reasons
    Thorough follow-up by concierge

    The special feature of this salon is the detailed setting and advice provided by a dedicated concierge, which is unique to a luxury store.
    We will conduct detailed interviews with both men and women and guide them to the best match.
    I will be present at the first face-to-face meeting, and I will be able to support you firmly.
    Please feel free to contact us with any concerns or advice on how to improve your charm.

  4. Reasons
    A sense of security that can be decided after meeting

    The first meet-up that all women are excited about.
    At our salon, we have a first setting for about 20 minutes in the talk room inside the actual salon store in Ginza.
    The address is not disclosed and it is a secret luxury space for members only, so you do not have to meet other members.Please check each other's feelings while relaxing to your heart's content.

  5. Reasons
    Improve your overall strength as a woman

    Our salon has high standards for women.
    Of course, they are beautiful, but they also have the elegance of their gestures and behavior. I'll enjoy having this.
    The consciousness of being a "chosen special woman" has made many of them bloom even the beauty that they didn't notice, and become even more beautiful and attractive.


Member's voice

Female member

Post-date feedback

From the questionnaire after matching was established,Introducing women's impressions


  1. 1 interview

    When you join, we will interview you around Shimbashi, Ginza, and Hibiya.

    Only those who pass the screening will be able to enter the salon in Ginza.

    Dating flow for men 01
  2. 2 Suggestions

    We will identify the wishes of men and propose women who match.

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

    Dating flow for men 02
  3. 3 Schedule adjustment

    We will arrange a schedule for when you can visit the salon.

    Through a professional concierge, we will carry out careful matching.

    Dating flow for men 03
  4. 4 matching

    You are meeting a man in the store. After talking for about 20 minutes, please decide whether to go out together.

    It is safe because you can check the feeling before going out.

    Dating flow for men 04
  5. 5 Dating

    Go out for a meal or enjoy a date unique to the two of you.

    An unprecedented special encounter awaits you.

    Dating flow for men 05


A sense of security that can be decided after meeting

For the introduction, we will meet you in the talk room in the SALON store.
Please check each other's feelings in about 20 minutes.
After going out, please enjoy a date with a man.


Admission is subject to screening
The minimum requirement is to be good looking.
  • A person who keeps his promises
  • Those who can keep confidential their relationship with men
  • Those with goals and dreams
* The following people are not allowed to join.
  • Under 20 years old
  • Married person
  • People who work in the entertainment industry
  • unemployed
  • Those with large tattoos or scars
  • Those who are loose with time
Admission is subject to screening.


Membership application/consultation

Feel free to contact us even if you just have a question

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