of those days
regain youth
Special time Go back in time and realize your ideal play

Let's bring back the youth of that day.

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Recreate lost youth.Why don't you recreate the youth that you couldn't taste at that time?

  1. 相 談

    "I want to enjoy fireworks at the seaside." "I want to drink champagne with several people on a chartered cruiser." "I want to spend a quiet time in a villa in the mountains."

  2. Leave everything to the staff

    The concierge will make all necessary arrangements for the ideal setting.Ideal woman, ideal place, ideal situation.We promise to make your dreams come true.

  3. just enjoy

    The concierge will guide you on the day, so please enjoy the ``blissful time'' as your heart goes.

These days of youth
Did you spend your time?

Those days I spent to make my dreams come true,
I endured everything in order to study.
When I was a student, I studied from morning till night.
everyone tastes normal
I couldn't spend my "youth".
proud and at the same time
Sometimes I feel lonely.
When a friend invites me to play without refusing
A little youth when I go out
may have tasted it.
The youth that I couldn't taste at that time
I wonder what it was like

Let's bring back the youth of that day.

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Various forms of youthWe can fulfill any youth.

  • Barbecue at a chartered cottage

  • While looking at the sea, call the chef and relax

  • Memories of summer that will be burned into your memory in a special seat

  • Have fun at the theme park to your heart's content

Plan representative exampleI want to play with all my strength like a college student
Since we often receive requests for
This time, such a past plan
I will introduce it in detail.

  • Take a taxi and head to Kamakura

  • Hurry up and change into your bathing suit.
    Dash into the sea.
    Full power spike in beach volleyball.

  • Cheers with cold beer,
    BBQ on the terrace overlooking the sea.

  • Swim in the sea at Yuigahama Beach.
    Race up to the tetrapods.

  • Buried in the sand,
    Nap time in the hot sun.

  • While laughing at the sunburn marks
    Feel the wind while driving.

  • Youth with like-minded people.

Let's bring back the youth of that day.

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Customer ReviewsHear what actual users have to say

KT, 42 years old, private practice
When I was young, all I did was study, and I always regretted not being able to play to my heart's content.
With that in mind, when I consulted him about an unreasonable plan to recreate the kind of play I wanted to do back then, he came up with a plan.
As for the woman, she set me up with someone who resembled the girl I had a crush on at the time.
HY, 54 years old, company owner
I used to play mahjong with my friends and mostly studied.
On top of that, when I was a student, I didn't have much money, so I often declined invitations, and I naturally became less and less invited to play.
I felt a little regret about that, but when I heard that THE SALON could be used for "play of youth", my interest was piqued.
I joined because I wanted to go for a drive, talk at the beach, and experience such normal youth.


Is it available to anyone?
In principle, only members are introduced.Please inquire about admission conditions.
Can you set up play that seems difficult to realize?
It is possible.
All reservations and other arrangements can be made here.
Please feel free to contact us.
What kind of men do you use?
Professionals such as doctors, managers, professionals, etc. are used.
What kind of women do you use?
CA, models, celebrities, current university students, etc., we will set up the best women who are perfect both in looks and inside according to the requests of members.

To you who have lived
"Don't you regret not getting back the youth you wanted?"
It's not too late to start now.
when is youth
a new start.
THE SALON of those days
To deliver ''youth''
i promise.


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